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5 simple ideas to breathe new life into your home

January 21, 2022
5 simple ideas to breathe new life into your home

The new year is a great time to revamp your home with fresh new décor and design. Get inspired by checking out these easy and affordable ideas.

1. Grow your greenery
Outside, winter can be dull and lifeless. But at home, you can make your home lively and cheerful by bringing nature indoors. Choose beautifully patterned and trending plant varieties, like satin vine, silver leaf monstera and banana plant.

2. Wow your walls
Statement walls are having a moment, with creative ways to decorate plain walls becoming increasingly popular. On a smaller wall in your hallway or bathroom, test out some funky prints with wallpaper, which is back in style. Or try some wall stencils or stickers to brighten up your home office space.

3. Show off your shelves
Floating shelves are a cool and contemporary way to display some of your favourite items while squeezing in some open storage solutions. Place treasured photos in rustic frames next to wicker baskets with lids and accent with candles and dried flowers. For premium floating shelves in a variety of finishes, lengths and depths explore Kitch’s affordable options.

4. Fix up your furniture
Older pieces can get a second life with a little elbow grease and DIY energy. A fresh coat of paint and new hardware can transform a vintage dresser. A dated wrought-iron side table can become an eclectic work of art by gluing leftover mosaic tiles on the tabletop. Use your imagination and go online for ideas.

5. Creativity for your cabinetry.
Refreshed cabinetry in your kitchen and bathroom can add an air of luxury and help you stay organized. For a budget-friendly option, work with Kitch to modify your existing cabinets.


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