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April 1, 2020

April 2020 - If I had a dime for every time I said “gee, I wish I had one week at home to catch up on things.” This is not exactly what I meant with that wishful thinking. However, we make the best with the hand we are dealt.

Thank you to everyone who submitted their ideas on keeping ourselves and young ones busy during these real life “motion picture times.” There were so many great ideas that it was difficult to choose the top three. Therefore, anyone who submitted, will receive a thank you gift from us. Below are some of the creative ideas we received.

There was more than one motive in posting this exercise. I don’t know about you, but I’m finding watching any sort of media right now can really affect one’s psyche. From fear and confusion, shock and sadness to hope and confidence and right back to fear, etc. as the cycle repeats itself.

Yesterday, my husband and I brainstormed (again) about how to re-do our small master bedroom, to allow for more space and storage. This is a feat we’ve been doing for the past 30-some years, when we first bought our house! It’s not the final plan we came up with, it was the brainstorming, googling Pinterest and ping-ponging ideas back and forth that was the most efficient use of our time. Before we knew it, it was suppertime. We had lots of fun coming up with economical ideas, crediting and discrediting each other’s until we agreed upon one set of plans. And the plans were simple from adding shelving inside our closet doors (we have a deep closet) to making barn door window treatments with shelves (from old skids we have in the garage). It was nice to have one day without doom and gloom.

So, while we are certainly all in this together, keep busy and enjoy the loved ones you are with and keep in touch with the ones you cannot be with at this time.

Facebook Ideas, not in any particular order!

From Kevin: Going to teach the kids some life skills!

kitchen island plan

We sat down and worked out the plans to build a kitchen island. They are excited however apprehensive about building it from scratch!
From Mindy: Working on our painting skills!

A group of people posing for a photo



Decorating for Easter

an egg in water and an egg in vinegar

travel rainbow experiment


From Lindsay: Decorating for Easter, trying some experiments, what happens to an egg in water and an egg in vinegar and travel rainbow experiment!


DIY Lanterns

From Lori: DIY Lanterns

Challenging puzzles

From Krista:  Challenging puzzles

Mini Ice Hockey

From Crystal: Hockey anyone?


Other ideas included scavenger hunts, planting vegetable seeds indoors for later transplant, keeping up on math and reading skills for school, cooking and baking new recipes and many more. Pinterest has some great ideas as well. Whatever you choose to do to pass the time, make it fun, memorable and share your ideas! Take care and stay positive!


Nicole and Heather

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